Cryptocurrency Market Indexes and Data Solutions

What is CRYX?

Our mission is to support investors by providing benchmarks and data solutions in order to have an accurate view of the cryptocurrency market environment so that they can manage and build better portfolios.

Cryptocurrency Indexes & Market Data

We will offer various ranges of indexes, each having different calculation methods with a fixed number of index constituents. As time passes and the market shifts one way or another, we will endeavour to meet client's appetites for newer ranges of indexes and customized solutions.

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Backtesting Tools & Machine Learning

The CRYX platform will be a place where you will be able to test your cryptocurrency investments and trading strategies. Our high-quality database will provide the necessary information to analyse market prices, cryptocurrency buckets and technical indicators. Applications of Machine learning on prices and trend forecasting are also being developed.

+ Technical Indicators

Analytics Tools

The CRYX Research team aims to provide quantitative analyses and empirical studies via our community interface. We would like to provide to our community some insights and updates on the current cryptocurrency market behaviour across three key divisions: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis & Quantitative Analysis.

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The CRYX Ecosystem

Be part of the CRYX Ecosystem within which the CRYX Team, Individual Contributors and Investors, Crypto Funds and Third-party data vendors will be interacting and exchanging data and strategies on cryptocurrencies. Grow the CRYX Community and benefit from it!

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The platform displays live data samples of the three ranges of indexes we have created to match industry standards


This index range will be tracking the cryptocurrency market based on each individual market capitalization and the relevant number of index constituents.


This index range is purposely erasing the market capitalization factor from each asset in order to achieve a simple goal – all the asset weights are equal.


This index range aims to "EXponentially FLatten" the market values of its constituents in order to give more weights to smaller cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Classification Standard (CCS)

Cryptocurrencies do not all have the same purpose(s), they do not target the same audience and do evolve in several economic sectors.
It seemed important for us to split cryptocurrencies that do not behave the same way in order to try to understand their performance behaviour.
The primary use of the Cryptocurrency Classification Standard (CCS) will be to determine the weight of each asset category into our range of indexes.

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Indexes Overview & Factsheets

Factsheets of CRYX Series

Quick overview of the current different CRYX Levels

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Cryptocurrency Volatility index (CVX)

The CRYX Cryptocurrency Volatility Index (CVX) is aiming to measure the volatility of the top 50 cryptocurrencies over a 3 weeks rolling period.
The CRYX Cryptocurrency Volatility Index also integrates our “FLEX” weighting methodology in other to smooth the market values from the top 50 cryptocurrencies and allow a better overall impact of each cryptocurrency volatility.

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The first version of our Cryptocurrency Technical Indicators and Visualization Tool is already available online. It allows you to test and visualize 20+ technical indicators over more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies.


The Team - Our Story

Why CRYX ?

After spending some time working together, we have quickly discovered common interests in Quantitative investments, Big Data, Machine Learning and more generally the Fintech industry as a whole. However, what really brought us together was the common interest we had in terms of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.


Niroshan Logeswaran    Olivier Al-Khatib             Zahid Hossain    Florian Cadet
Chief Technology Officer
   CEO/Chief Data Science Officer   
   Head of Research   
Head of Sales & Marketing

   Platform Development, Database Implementation   

   Mathematical Modelling, Data Retrieval   

   Index Research, Crypto Market Analysis   

   B2B Sales Strategy, PR, Communication   

  University of Paris
MSc. Business Informatics   

  Imperial College London
MSc. Computer Science   

  University of South Alabama
MSc. Computer Science  

  MSc. in Finance
INSEEC Business School   
   Project Manager, BNP Paribas      Quantitative Research, Sensefolio     Sr. Developer, Credit Suisse     Institutional Sales, Meeschaert Asset Managementl   

Our Board of Advisors is composed of PhDs, top Researchers from leading universities and experienced individuals both in the Financial and Technology industry

Valentin Courgeau    Antoine Khatib    Karlson Lee    Ehab Abdallah
   PhD in Deep Learning       Cryptocurrency Expert       Cryptocurrency Expert    Cryptocurrency Expert
   Quantitative Research Advisor       Business Development Americas      Business Development Asia/Pacific    Business Development Middle-East Africa
   Raban Aso    Amina Habchi    Solène Collot    Eugene Valassakis
   Cryptocurrency Expert    Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Expert    PhD in Quantitative Finance       Solidity Expert
   Business Development Europe    Business Development United Kingdom    Business Development Europe    Quantitative Research Advisor

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